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    Web Designer & Developer from Glasgow, Scotland although now living in Perth, Scotland.
    (Heart of Scotland? Well, I heard it once or twice..)

    Give me your best shot, I like a challenge.

Web Design / Development

Professional, responsive & creative web design / web development carried out in the city of Perth, Scotland.

eCommerce Websites

Selling products or services on your professional, responsive website, designed for the worldwide audience.

Digital Marketing

Organic or paid advertisement to ensure you get customers to your website which want what you are selling.

Hello & Welcome

I'm a young, enthusiastic Scottish web designer specialising in anything from UX design to eCommerce websites. The goal when building my projects is to create a clean, minimal experience for the user to enjoy from start to end. Professional web design isn't always meant to be complex.

About Me

I have a passion for building creative, innovative web site designs for clients who wish to have a professional outlook of their business. I also provide digital marketing so if you want to look the best whilst ranking up within the best, this can be achieved. I work for clients primarily around Perth, Stirling, Edinburgh & Glasgow when it comes to Scotland. I've worked for clients based in London, USA, Canada & Australia.

Web Services

I offer several web services, below are listed for you.

Web Design

Professional, responsive brochure web design for your successful or startup business.


Build an overall brand which gives your business a sense of character on the web.

Responsive Web Design

Designing your website to be suitable for mobiles and tablets whilst growing your search rank.

SEO Analytics

Get found on the web without relying constantly on costly paid ads. Grow on the web.

Web Hosting

UK based web hosting backed up 24/7 along with personal customer support.

eCommerce Website

Professionally designed eCommerce website custom built to tailor your industry.

Website Redesign

If you website is dated and feel your traffic is falling, let me revamp your website's design.

Web Maintenance

Ensuring your website is secure & up to date is crucial, especially with eCommerce websites.

Digital Strategy

Creating a digital strategy simply means innovating methods to counter your competitors and keep your customers visiting the website. There's a high chance your business has a a weak spot in the marketing side of your industry so the sooner you find out, the better. A website which has been designed to be tailor made for your industry whilst sticking to a professional outlook for customers to judge you is how I work and it's never went wrong.

Psychology Behind Web Design

How a user visits a website will be judged through psychology. If you feel as though you're enjoying the clean, minimal experience of my website, then I've done my job. I focus on my overall target audience and never wish for my potential clients to struggle browsing my websites, so web design is certainly key. Web design is an investment and bouncing ideas back and forth with my skills and your knowledge of your industry is what will help you grow.

Investing in Web Design

The perks of a professional web design & organic digital marketing are endless. If you consider a physical and virtual standpoint, you'll realise that the money to invest isn't even close. It doesn't matter if you looking to build a basic brochure website design, an eCommerce website selling physical or digital products or services, whether it's a website re-design or a request for your current website design to be responsive, they are all investments which will be beneficial to you. A customer will almost always judge your business or brand fron the first impression of how everything around it looks. You may have the skills over your competitiors, but a dated website which isn't responsive with an old logo would arguably lose several customers. Would you input your card details to purchase goods on an old website which is never updated (from the assumption) and doesn not contain an SSL (https:// next to the URL bar)? Would you enter a storefront which looks damaged and not changed in 10 years, even though they sold designer or high quality goods?

Okay, not everyone is judgemental but branding is a essentially a one off payment for a number of years and I strongly believe it's one of the smartest moves any business in any industry will ever make.

In Scotland from my experience, well over 90% of my clients have had their branding as their primary concern. I am usually working for people in Scotland to make sure their business is growing and out-classing competitors without spending the earth and being invoiced for several reasons throughout their website's existence. The businesses in Scotland are facing the digital age, where word of mouth will no longer be as strong as organic Google marketing where someone from Scotland can search for a service or product around Scotland itself and you won't have to do a single thing other than managing products and answering e-mails or taking calls. I offer to market cities at an affordable rate such as Perth, Stirling, Dundee then the larger cities such as Glasgow or Edinburgh will be quotes more than queries for Scotland due to the fact that research and data analytics have proven the competition for larger cities is far more challenging and generating more impressions/clicks than Scotland.

Digital Marketing

No real digital marketing consultant should tell you they guarantee you page one results. As most of us will get you there, it's impossible to claim a guarantee behind your words. There are thousands of unique strategies in order to help you rank higher through the search results, but leave it to the professionals as there are also thousands of ways to penalise your rank. Let's dominate your industry for Scotland today. Maybe even UK or worldwide? You call the shots.


Another irrelevant perk is for "John Doe" to say he's been trading as a web developer for over 20 years. Web design / Web Development evolves constantly so relying on a younger web designer / developer to carry out work has never been more rewarding. I'm not calling out the veterans of website design, I'm simply saying we are all equal in our profession to an extent. Young web developers in Scotland and outside of Scotland are on the rise.

Not exactly sure what you need? Let's grab a coffee and I'll help you

Generic Statistics for 2016

Web Designs

SEO Clients

First Page Results

Daily Coffees



Gathering a large list of research on the web to work with before the next phase begins.


Web Design

Creating a mockup web design which works for your business, relating to your brief. Designing innovation.


Web Development

Writing code whilst going through testing phases and reviewing sessions with you. A bug-free web design.



Further testing and reviewing of the website's design then it's ready to launch. Show off the new website.

Recent Website Design / Development Projects

Below are only featured web site design, eCommerce website & website development projects..

Web Design Project Proposals

The most common proposals which I receive are information based websites focussing primarily on a solid, bespoke & professional website design throughout. UX design is the key skill when working on a project of this category not to mention carrying out responsive web design for my client to help them rank a little higher on the search engine results absolutely free (well, within the fixed quote).
I am always open to working on a website that has already been designed & built but you need professional help to finalise any remaining issues you may have. The plus side of information based websites built solely on static HTML means the security is far less hassle from your own stand point over content management systems. However, SSL for your website will always be recommended which will also help boost your search engine results.

If you are visiting my website to discuss eCommerce website project/s to be designed & developed then this can be carried out with no problem at all. I've worked on eCommerce website designs for industries which range from trade tools to fashion design. I will build your eCommerce website on a custom CMS or using Magento or WooCommerce which have been proven popular over the years.

You may have a very large complex web development project which you simply have no experience or expertise to develop yourself. I have been able to carry out every task that's went my way so I'm open to seeing what you have for me to look at. These projects can take a month to several months depending on how much you send to me to reduce timeframe along with how happy you are with the progress of my build for you. With this industry, it's very difficult to perfect a build on it's first draft but I enjoy designing a website to a professional standard but most importantly, to your own acceptance. I will always offer my opinions during the growth of the build but I will continue to build the website and design it to your need regardless.

Blog / Magazine based website designs are on the rise with demand growing further every year. The increase in blogger occupations along with their ad revenue to continue working has given me the chance to help create their website in a manner of expressing a much more exciting design with useful features for their readers so all in all it's a beneficial situation for myself and the future entrepreneurs.

Content management system websites are also on the rise in demand due to clients wishing to get involved with making numerous changes whenever they wish instead of paying for a web designer / web developer to carry out simple tasks. The downfall to every CMS is security. Every well known CMS needs updated consistently so if your website misses any, your website contains security flaws. Also, if you ever come across a major update from a CMS you have your website built on, this could potentially have issues on the design side of your layouts (recent experience).
Overall, the CMS route is arguably the best as long as you maintain backups (if you host with me, all websites are backed so up so your design will remain without any minor unintended design changes).

I primarily specialise in high quality, professional website design for all businesses and blogs although I will be available to work on smaller, simple websites thus providing an opportunity for smaller start ups to get a professional online presence to build and grow faster without being charged the earth.
If you are on a strict budget, I will still try and issue a suitable quote for the bespoke project you have in store for me. Please note, this only applies to website designs which are aimed to be brochure / information based websites. Any complex features you wish to have on your website will cancel out the brochure / information website price range for quotes in which I issue to potential leads.

If you feel as though you need to freshen up your website as it's losing customers along with dropping down the search results due to no responsive web design applied then this is a task in which I commonly have to work on throughout the years. I would ensure that I will stick to the same style of website but just simply keeping things professional, minimal and easy to use throughout. A website takes around 3 years before you notice anything about the website's design although most companies will revamp their site every 5 years. When I re-design the website, I will also ensure that your page load is as effecient as possible by compressing and cropping images then minifying your javascript and css files which, depending on the size of the website, can produce a dramatic effect. It can sometimes knock a few seconds off your page loading time, ensuring a happy user to your website and lastly having a little growth in the search results (Google love fast loading. responsive websites).

Self-Assessed website design / web development skills.

Every developer works completely different. Some design websites using innovation, others just want it done. I always aim for everything to be clean, easy to use both front and back end not to mention easy to read my code. The website I design & build for you is your investment and if you choose me to do it for you, then It's just determination from there.

HTML 5 / CSS3 / JS

Why Choose Me?

Receiving a professional website with personal aftercare not enough?

If you want to compare myself with other web designers, web developers, UX/UI designers or digital marketing consultants then I'm here to talk about it. It all comes down to your budget, timeframe you expect for the build until completion or do you care about reliability. The good points with myself is that I simply enjoy providing a personal experience for all of my clients. I also build website designs with a fixed quote on an invoice so there won't be any payments demanded at random moments in the lifespan of your website design & build. All you have to worry about is that you're happy with my initial quote, understand web hosting isn't free, digital marketing will be paid on a monthly basis which you can cancel at anytime then last but not least the aftercare. Not all of my clients wish to require aftercare, but it's on the table if you wish to take it.

You website is an investment as we all know, so I understand you take your time to compare who ticks the right boxes in which you need a web designer / web developer for. Websites are always a complex job which takes time so I'd expect you to understand if you want the project to be built professionally, efficiently and reliable then I'd be grateful for your understanding. If someone claims to do a website in a day, week or a few weeks then it's clear they aren't a professional (I'm saying no names). I am massively passionate for building clean, innovative designs so if this is what you want, I will definitely achieve this.

As for the digital marketing side of your website, whether it's designed and developed by me is also a very complex process. It takes hours upon hours of research to plan and develop a marketing strategy which works well. As said before, if someone claims to guarantee page 1 results is one of the biggest red flags in the digital marketing industry as it's virtually impossible to prove this. That being said, going down the correct paths and strategically planning the right method for your industry / website will most definitely, consistently grow your website's ranking.

The process of the build would very approximately take around 6 weeks from start until launch but this varies massively depending on what you wish to be built. I've built websites in 3 weeks and some in 6 months so it's incredibly difficult to determine how long a professional web design project takes, I almost never work on a website that has been similar to one I've previously built. If web design isn't what you want from me (potentially), then working on your website for a responsive design conversion could be a close second and a third would usually be some web maintenance on your existing build. I'm open to all web based projects.

Why Go Responsive?

It's 2016. Responsive web design should be a standard process.

Ease of Use

Let your users enjoy their experience on your website with a design for every device.


Design your eCommerce website responsively to give users a fantastic experience throughout.

Marketing Growth

A website in which is designed responsively can rank higher than those who don't.


Cost Effective

Responsive web design prevents you from paying an app developer to ensure your business is mobile friendly.

High In Demand

The chances are, the majority of people that visit your website will be on a mobile or tablet.

Faster Conversions

Helping a user go from the landing page to buying your products or services easier and quicker is a bonus, right?

Mini FAQ

The same web design questions are asked. Let's trim this.

Considering every website I've ever designed & developed has taken a different length of time and the requirements for the build can be simple or complex, hosting requirements (shared, VPS or dedicated), demand to complete the project quicker, branding request, digital marketing etc. - The List simply goes on and on. So, if you state everything you need from me, I can certainly deliver an accurate, going-rate quote for us to get started on your project. No professional offers an "out of the box" web design package unfortunately.

Of course! You are paying for a virtual product hypothetically speaking so if you request a complete backup of the website or wish to migrate your website to a commercial web hosting company, then I can and will do this for you with no complications whatsoever. When I design & build your web project, I am fully aware that you will want to have total control so you needn't worry.

I will even help you migrate and set up the website to whichever hosting provider you are happy with go with. Bearing in mind, I own a web hosting company and also offer private hosting for clients with reliable 99.9% uptime along with fast loading times. Choosing your web hosting provider is crucial in that if you wish to market your business organically through the likes of Google, you must ensure that your website is small in size with minified code and compressed images that are reduced in size if possible so the "icing on the cake" is simply the hosting provider ensuring that your website loads the quickest.

This is the most common question I ever get. I will receive a proposal for a quote to build a professional web presence / design project for a client, but they are unsure exactly what they need. If you know you are in need of a website and wish to get it found on search engines then we can take things from there. I get clients who have nothing to give to me (branding, wireframes etc.) and on the other end I receive everything required to get started, everyone is different. I will openly visit your office or mutually grab a very strong, high-caffeinated coffee to discuss helping you grow your business on the web.

It's a no-brainer when it comes to this question. You have an idea of how you want your website to be designed and built, so it's only understanding that you will be reaching out to those who relate to those who have the same personality that your potential website may look like.

The reason why I stand out is that I will deliver high quality web design, eCommerce websites and digital marketing strategies & development at constant fixed rate fees up front for you. I will never demand a payment at any random time whatsoever. The only payments you should be looking to pay for is the project quote, future maintenance/security fees and your web hosting (if you are hosted with myself which are local servers which would help my clients from Scotland, England, Ireland & Wales. No commerical hosting like most do for clients).

Yet another common question is when I design and build the website, what happens next? By that means most clients or potentials leads approach me and look into the future or what may happen if they need me to work on their website, make some minor design changes or even redesign their whole website in the future.

My response to this is pretty simple. If you are looking to have my work with you in a strong business relationship, networking back and forth over the years then this is completely fine with me as long as you understand the terms that I have in place.

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